About Us

Blazing Stars Montessori, a Wildflower School

Wildflower Schools offer beautiful, child-centered learning environments that foster the growth and connectedness of teachers, children, and families as they follow life’s unfolding journey. 

Our schools use time-tested, research-supported Montessori methods in neighborhood-nested settings combined with promising new ideas in parent engagement, intentional student diversity, teacher empowerment, and data-driven instruction.

Like wildflowers, our schools:

The Wildflower Model

The Wildflower model is also pioneering a new kind of educational institution that redefines the nature of the relationships between teacher, parent, and community member – drawing them together into a group of leaders united around the success of children, one neighborhood at a time.

Unencumbered by hierarchical administration, Wildflower Teacher Leaders have real freedom to be social entrepreneurs and shape the experiences of students and families in their classrooms.

Each school is designed to meet the needs of a small group of families and to evolve as their lives change. And to make it possible, Wildflower’s scalable platform both simplifies the work of school startup and administration and provides teachers with new kinds of data about student learning to support them in improving educational outcomes for all learners.

The Montessori Method

Founded by Dr. Maria Montessori in Italy in 1907, Montessori is an educational method developed through methodical observation of how children learn and interact with their environments.

The approach is founded on the belief that by creating a child-directed, content- and material-rich environment, children’s natural curiosity will be unencumbered and more profound, lasting learning will occur.

School Leaders

LaTania Scott

LaTania holds a Master’s degree in Montessori Education from Xavier University and a bachelor’s degree in Elementary/Montessori Education from Xavier University.

Kameeka Shirley

Kameeka holds a B.B.A in Marketing. After working for almost five years at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, she joined Teach for America as a 2017 corps member.

School Vision:

Blazing Stars is an independent Montessori School which aims to provide an equitable, authentic Montessori education for children ages 3 – 9 years old. We envision a learning community grounded in culturally sustaining pedagogy that lays the foundation for children to author their own journeys in life. We aim to provide a Montessori environment where joy, empowerment, humanity, interconnectedness, healing, balance, and harmony are at the core of daily learning experiences – especially for young boys of color who are often marginalized from the traditional education system. The Montessori approach is a child-centered, hands-on-learning pedagogy rooted in peace education and global mindedness. The holistic approach of Dr. Maria Montessori helps all children become truly capable and productive individuals by focusing on their moral, behavioral, emotional, and intellectual development.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to equality and building a Montessori environment aligned with the principles of Wildflower. Blazing Stars Montessori School will have be a school the is mirrors the diversity of the community it serves. It will be a school where the classroom integrates the beauty of nature. It will be a school that prompts and celebrates peace. We are committed to creating a school culture that prepares children for the world in which they will live. We will provide the opportunities for children to explore things such as trade skills, entrepreneurial opportunities, as well as environmental studies.

Our Focus:

Our focus will be on the development of the individual child. In our work with the child we will ensure that their individuality is celebrated. We understand that children are developing their understanding of themselves and the world and this development is based on both nature and nurture. To address these two forces of the child’s development we will embrace families as integral in the development of the whole child. Our goal is to be intentional in the care of their physical, mental and emotional needs. We want to give them the best experience possible through Montessori education. We want our children to have a safe place to work through and heal from the tramas of racial and economic divide.
Blazing Stars Montessori School will offer an authentic Montessori education to children ages 3-9. Ideal target student demographics will include one-thirds of families from low income backgrounds, one-thirds of families receiving tuition support and one-thirds of families able to pay full tuition. We are actively and intentionally recruiting a racially and socioeconomically diverse school community. Blazing Stars will provide one 3-6 classrooms and one 6-9 classroom each serving 22 children at full capacity.